Conedogs began as an idea many years ago, as I walked the streets of New York City with Sylvie Cachay - a rising star in the fashion industry and a true animal lover. We would watch and laugh at the sight of dogs trying to navigate the city with cones on their heads.When Sylvie died, it seemed the project wouldn’t continue. But after some time I decided to complete it in her memory.
So in my spare time, I started searching for dogs in cones all over the city, calling friends and vets, approaching strangers on the street - anyone who might know a ‘conedog’.
I normally spend my days photographing Presidents, CEO’s and celebrities. But nothing could prepare me for photographing conedogs on streets around the world. These pictures are as much about us as they are about dogs - about how we communicate, care for and share our lives together. In the name of photographing conedogs, I have danced with Chihuahuas, run with three-legged dogs (tripods!), searched for pizza scraps to keep a conedog happy, swam in ponds, trailed them through exclusive stores, and run through blizzards.

Conedogs make us smile but most importantly remind us how good we all can be.

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